Hey there, I am Dongyi Guo

Online Course Operator && Tutor @ ForChange
Research Assistant @ UTAS
ICT Support @ UTAS


Online Course Operator && Tutor

  • Qualified on teaching of Python Fundamentals and Web Scraping.
  • Mentored 149 students wth backgrounds by encouraging them and caring about their well-being of study.
  • 131 students goaled on all phases of work. (89% overall completion rate with 85% of the students with full completion)
  • Responded to over 600 questions (85% within 30 minutes) for a 7-day session.
  • 93% of the students continued on our courses on sale.

  • Skills: Python, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Web Scraping, Interactive Teaching, Customer Engagement, Customer Support.

    Research Assistant

  • Researched on privacy-preserving framework with Federated Learning under a volunteer environment.

  • Skills: Python, AWS, Machine Learning, Federated Learning, Privacy Design, Edge Computing, Blockchain.

    Backend Developer && Tester

  • Developed and unit-tested a location matching function for a tutor-student matching system with Google Map API.
  • Planned integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing solutions for others in the team.

  • Skills: Python, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Test-Driven Development (TDD).

    ICT Support

  • Supported send-in ICT enquires and computer labs / router maintenance.

  • Skills: Customer Engagement, Customer Support.

    Technical Consultant

  • Evaluated feasibility and difficulty of a possible Drupal upgrade from version 7 to 8 for client's website.
  • Generated business reports and presentations of our conclusions.

  • Skills: Drupal, Web Server Administration, Database Administration, Client Communication.

    Master of Information Technology and Systems, Cybersecurity, ICT Research

    February 2023 - December 2024


    Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology, Computer Science, Information System

    July 2017 - April 2022


    Event Assistant - TasICT Cyber Conference

  • August 2023
  • Volunteered at TasICT Cyber Conference.

  • Gallery

    Event Assistant - TasICT Tasmania ICT Conference

  • November 2023
  • Volunteered at Tasmania ICT Conference with TasICT.

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    Devoted Linux Enthusiastic, Desktop and Server System Administration.


    Experienced with Desktop and Server System Administration.


    Experienced with System Administration.

    Active Directory

    Experienced deploying client and server machine.


    Experienced Scripting Automation and Interactive Command Line Control.


    Experienced Scripting Automation and Interactive Command Line Control.

    Microsoft Azure

    Experienced Deployment of Virtual Machines, Apps and Databases.

    Amazon AWS

    Experienced Usage of EC2, S3, and Lambda.


    Experienced with Multi-Disciplinary Backend Development and Scripting Automation.


    Experienced with Full-Stack Desktop Program Development.


    Experienced with Full-Stack Desktop Program Development.


    Utilised in Full-Stack Desktop Program Development with multiple dependencies and APIs.


    Experienced Practical Usage during my Web Development.

    HTML / CSS / JavaScript

    Experienced Practical Usage from multiple Web Development.

    PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite

    Experienced in Database Administration and Multiple Web & Software Development.

    R / RStudio

    Experienced Data Wrangling, Processing, Analysis and Visualisation.

    Object-Oriented Programming

    Experienced with multiple Full-Stack Website & Software Development.


    Experienced Practical Usage during Web & Desktop Software Development.

    C / C++

    Experienced in System Programming and Low-Level Software Development.


    Utilised to create my own Programming Language.


    Utilised to create my own Programming Language Interpreter.

    Interactive Teaching

    Practiced with working experience at ForChange.

    Team Collaboration

    Practiced with experience at ForChange, University of Tasmania and University of Sydney.

    Agile Methodologies

    Applied for my Collaborative Developments.

    Client Engagement

    Practiced with working experience at ForChange.

    Course Operating & Sales

    Practiced with working experience at ForChange.

    License & Certificates

    University of Tasmania

  • 2023 Semester 2 Student Representative
  • 2023 PECAN+ CTF
  • Accenture

  • Coding Virtual Experience
  • Project Management Virtual Experience
  • Accenture Australia

  • Discovery Program
  • Accenture Nordic

  • Nordic Developer Program
  • ANZ

  • Job Ready Virtual Experience Program
  • Ashurst

  • Building Your Personal Brand Virtual Experience Programme
  • You Are Extraordinary Virtual Experience Programme
  • AWS

  • Solutions Architecture Virtual Experience
  • Deloitte

  • STEM Connect Virtual Program
  • General Electric (GE)

  • Human Resource Program
  • JPMorgan Chase

  • Software Engineering Virtual Experience
  • King & Wood Malle-sons

  • Global Introduction to Law Program
  • Walmart Global Tech

  • Global Tech Advanced Software Engineering Virtual Experience